This Volkswagen Hover Car Is The Model Of The Future. Would You Buy One?

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Volkswagen, as far as car companies go, is fairly forward thinking. They invited their customers to come up with new design ideas, and the customers delivered.

This concept, the “Hover Car,” has impressed the company so much that they decided to make a short YouTube video, featuring CGI, that shows how it would potentially function in real life.

It begins with the VW zipping through the Chinese capital of Beijing, elevated just a few feet above the ground. The car’s power comes from minerals underground and was designed by a young Chinese woman who responded to the carmaker’s call for innovation.

Of course, easier CGI’d than done. The car would require electromagnetic strips embedded into the roads below it in order to work. But as a prize, the girl’s parents got to “test drive” the car in the simulated video. According to Creativity Online, VW received 119,000 ideas and got 33 million hits on its website.