Julia Roberts Taught Me More In This 2 Minute Video Than Anyone Else Has In My Entire Life

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Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all joined forces to speak on nature’s behalf. The project is called Nature Is Speaking. Each short film features a celebrity as an aspect of nature. In the segment featured below, Julia Roberts is speaking for Mother Nature.

Organized and sponsored by Conservation Awareness (CI), ‘Nature is Speaking’ is one of many efforts and projects CI uses to educate on and empower environmental change. Working with over two thousand partners in thirty countries, CI has safe guarded over 730 million hectares of land, marine and coastal areas.

The twenty seven year old establishment is dedicated to the overall health of the planet and all the living creatures on it. Working on micro aspects like farms and fishing, to macro elements like factories and fishing armada’s to transportation networks, CI has broad yet specific goals. You can see their projects, media avenues on their site.

Their vision is simple and effective. Not interested in short term goals or ‘quick fixes’, CI seeks to connect science, politics, local partnerships and field work to create a global community. They understand that the planet is everything we have and we interact with it on multiple levels and in different ways throughout the world.

“Nature is essential to every aspect of human life and well-being — we want to make sure it’s included in the conversation. People are taking more from nature than it has to give, and as a result, we’re putting our own lives on the line.

Nature’s message to humanity is simple: Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” (Source)

We can’t continue to justify economic and scientific advances by exploiting nature’s resources. It is up to every individual, institution, government and group to stay conscious of their influence on the planet. Julia Roberts gives Mother Nature a voice. That voice reminds us that Earth is constantly evolving, and she is willing to evolve with us. We need nature, she doesn’t need us. Eventually our relationship will degrade and she will not continue to support us.