The Full Sturgeon Moon Is Tonight: This Is What It Means For You

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August 15, 2019 is going to bring a celestial spectacle: a Full ‘Sturgeon’ Moon.

The Sturgeon Moonhe Sturgeon Moon is the name for August’s full moon, as it is during this time that the sturgeon, a fish found in the lakes of North America, is more easily caught.

Alternatively, different cultures and groups call this moon the Grain Moon, the Red Moon, and the Green Corn Moon.

Whatever you like to call August’s moon, the results are still the same. The Sturgeon Moon will bring forth much more relaxed, calm, and gentle energies.

It will bring about the type of energy that will help you complete lengthy projects and reach goals set into motion months ago. Amplifying the energy of the Sturgeon Moon is the Perseid Meteor Shower, which peaks on August 14th.

Using the naked eye, you should be able to see 75 meteors per hour, but a near-full moon may make it difficult. Even if you can’t see the meteors, their effect is still there.

Full moons have a tendency to amplify the energies that pertain to emotions and feelings in general.

The Sturgeon Moon will be positioned in Aquarius, which would normally make you feel lighter but, because of the moon’s relation to the sun, Venus, and Mars in the sky, you may find it to be more tumultuous than it might otherwise be.

The Sturgeon Moon might make you feel compelled to let go of things that you feel no longer serve you.

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It could be as simple as an old shirt donated to a thrift store or the releasing of a friend who you no longer have a meaningful connection with.

You may also find there to be an urge to let go of ideas, projects, and goals that you feel no longer serve you and start fresh with something new. The Sturgeon Moon will make you want to clear a space for new development.

Even though the end results of the Sturgeon Moon may seem harsh, everything that takes place during this time comes from a place of love.

You may feel a sort of ephemeral warmth – no doubt the closeness of Venus and the Sun to the Sturgeon Moon. It’s a loving kind of warmth.

But with Mars in the picture, you may also notice a tendency to be harsher, reactive, more passionate, and a little more dangerous.

If you aren’t careful, the people in your life may begin to find you intolerable, as Mars’ energy will boost your ego and leave you with a desire to be right.

Ultimately, your sign impacts the way you interact with the Sturgeon Moon.

Having a little more information in advance can help you plan accordingly and get the most out of this Sturgeon Moon. Remember: celestial energy is like the wind, but your choices are how you adjust your sail.


For an Aries, the full moon will have a major impact on your love life as well as your close friends.

You may find yourself being more passionate with and drawn toward your lover, but you might neglect your friendships. Make an extra effort to find balance during this full moon.