6 Signs You Have Fallen In Love With A Sociopath

3. They Have Manipulated You More Than Once

If you have ever felt that your partner has manipulated you, taken advantage of you, or made you feel like you had no other choice into doing what they wanted, this is an extreme warning sign that you are with a sociopath.

A sociopath will try to dominate your relationship, control every single thing you do, and will always be checking up on you. Do not give them any kind of information if you feel unsafe giving it to them.

4. Caught Lying Multiple Times

You may notice this warning sign in your partner if they are abusing drugs, alcohol, or any other kind of substance. It will become extremely obvious when they have been caught lying, their entire demeanor changes, and will try to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible.

According to research that was conducted on pathological gamblers & antisocial personality disorder, results had shown over 73% of people reacted that reacted being accused of lying would try to hide their gambling like mannerisms.

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