Man On Weather Report “Looked A Lot Like” Viewer’s Dad, Turned Out To Be His Long-Lost Brother

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Imagine living your whole life thinking you know who your family is and who you are in relation to them, only to reach middle age and find out you’ve had a long-lost brother all along! That is the power of television and we’re not talking about the magic of cinema. When a man turned on his TV to watch the weather forecast, possibly one of the least exciting programs on there, the last thing he expected was for his whole life to change as soon as the weatherman came on.

He couldn’t shake how much the man on TV looked like his father, and it turns out none of it was a coincidence. After all, is anything really ever a coincidence, or does the universe really work in mysterious ways? Read their story and decide for yourself!

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It Started Out As Another Ordinary Day

man watching the weather channel with his feet up

Tarik Kizilkaya / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Tarik Kizilkaya / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Randy Waites had just grabbed the television remote, got comfortable on the couch, and turned on the weather network. It was a pretty typical day, one that he assumed would be uneventful like many others. Except not all of Randy’s life was uneventful…he had grown up without being able to know his father, but managed to move on anyway, and become the man that he is today.

Then a man came on the weather report and immediately caught Randy’s attention, they happened to share a last name. A name like Eddie Waites wouldn’t be that common in Sacramento and Randy didn’t know anyone else with it. It only appeared for 10 seconds but it stayed on Randy’s mind all day.