This Mathematic Puzzle Is Confusing The Internet. Can You Solve It?

The internet has been having a lot of arguments over this very tricky, yet mind provoking mathematical puzzle that was presented by Brain Dare.

This puzzle does not give the audience any certain kind of hints as to how the equations amount to their sum, which leaves the reader thinking really hard on how it is they got their answers.

One of the ways you can solve the question to the fourth equation is by figuring out the method they used for the first three problems. Brain Dare claims that there is only one correct answer, but really, the internet has found clever ways to find the solution in more than just one way.

Despite being given little to no clue at all as to how to solve these problems, one might try thinking outside of the box of using basic addition to solve these problems. It's also a good thing to note that you do not have to think too hard on these problems, the solution is a lot simpler than you think.


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