Meet The Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Twin Brothers And Had Babies, Making Them Both Cousins & Siblings

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Did you get confused by the title? Well let us explain. This is the story of twin sisters Briana and Brittany Salyers who share such a strong bond that they are alike in everyday, including their life path. Not only are they close and always match what they wear but they managed to both marry another set of twin brothers, on the same day at the age of 35. Now the couples are making headlines as they both welcome baby boys born in the same year! Talk about being in sync.

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Together From The Beginning

twin brothers on one knee proposing to twin sisters by petals

salyerstwins / Instagram

salyerstwins / Instagram

The twin sisters have always been close. They loved to share everything from their clothes and the way they style their hair to their life decisions. They never wanted to be separated. However, their similarities don’t just stop at their appearance and lifestyle. The sisters managed to synchronize their pregnancies as well!

So how did they get two men to fall in love with them at the same time, propose at the same time and even want children at the same time? Well, let’s go back to how they met, the day the sisters met their match and the day that led to two men proposing at the same time in identical custom rings by Jerrick’s Fine Jewelry, which each had double infinity symbols coated in diamonds.