Men Share The Red Flags That A Woman Was Just Using Them As A Warning

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In today’s dating the world it’s not just the men that get played. In a lot of cases they’re also the ones who get taken advantage of because they missed the warning signs that a woman was taking advantage of.

Some men decided that enough is enough and they decide to list the red flags on a Reddit threat as to hopefully help others notice them before it’s late.

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It’s Her Way Or The Highway

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Tamar Bellis / Unspash

Tamar Bellis / Unspash

Whoever said happy wife, happy life, clearly didn’t understand equality. The relationship shouldn’t feel unbalanced and create unfair power dynamics. Both parties should be giving as much as they’re receiving. If an unequal balance is created, the relationship is doomed to fail.

” In a good relationship, friendship, whatever, both people are giving what they want to give without coercion and both feel adequately rewarded for it. Sometimes one person needs more, sometimes the other, but it evens out over time. When you feel like you’re being coerced into giving more than you really want, whether that’s with force or emotional manipulation or whatever, you’re being used and you’ll eventually resent it.” – munkymu / Reddit