Non-Negotiable Things Good Men Never Do In Relationships

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What makes a man “good”? Is it how he controls his emotions? How he loves? How he communicate? We say what makes him “good’ is the way that he treats his partner. Romantic relationships are the most intimate kinds of relationships that a person can have. They can bring out the best in people just like they can bring out the worst. While good versus bad isn’t definitive and is more like a grey space that can depend on a case-by-case basis, the following are non-negotiables that no good man would ever do in a relationship.

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A Good Man Would Never Invade Your Privacy

hand holds iphone on password screen

Yura Fresh / Unsplash

Yura Fresh / Unsplash

No matter how he justifies it, there’s never a good excuse for crossing boundaries. A man should respect your need for space, your private conversations, and your personal connections. He should never feel the need to justify checking your phone when you’re not watching, or knowing where you are at all times, or messaging your loved ones to check on you.

That is not protection, or love, it’s control and possession. His need to make sure you’re not crossing any lines he’s worried about shouldn’t come above your right to privacy and independency.