Only 6% of People Can Pass this Mind-Bending Optical Illusion Test

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I’d like to preface this introduction with a personal confession, make that two. First, when I hear how a test or event has had consistently and devastatingly slim chances of success, it instantly effects my competence and lives in my head like a fear spider. I’m not in the top six percent of anything I know of, why should this be different?

My other confession is that despite my frantic and desperate squinting, in the end I got a score so terrible, that they wouldn’t give it to me in number form… As you prepare to try your perception in this array of images and GIF’s, as long as you can get a numbered score, you are more visually accurate than a guy who some might say it far too proud.

If you get all of them right you will be in the top six percent of test participants. If you don’t reach that vaulted statistical throne, you will still have a great time puzzling over twelve of the trickiest, most dynamic and varied optical illusions I have ever played! Seeing how the test is multiple choice with infinite attempts, with patience it can be worn down into submission. If you have been seeking out an original procrastination excuse, you have found your leisurely twelve labors of the Internet.