Parents Reunited With Their Son 14 Years After He Disappeared From Right In Front of Their Home

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Life is quite unpredictable. We used to think that the family you’re born into determines a lot of the factors of what our lives would look like, but it turns out that even that isn’t the case. This family’s life was turned upside down when their four-year-old son vanished one day when he was playing outside. His parents tirelessly ran a search to find him and didn’t give up for a whole fourteen years….Now they have finally found him. What they didn’t expect was what their son would tell them had happened.

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Disappeared At Just Four Years Old

baby picture of sun

South China Morning Post / Youtube

South China Morning Post / Youtube

Sun Zhuo who is now 18-years-old, was once just a little boy enjoying the sun and playing outside under the watch of his mother. His father was napping. It seemed like just an ordinary day. However, this was the day all of their lives would change forever. All of the sudden, Sun’s mother couldn’t see him anymore. She looked and she looked and the panic started to take over as she couldn’t find anywhere.

Sun’s mother woke up his husband and the two searched up and down the street but with no luck. Upon checking the security camera, they realized that their son had been kidnapped.