Postal Carrier Followed A “Gut Feeling” That Saved A Life When She Noticed Mail Pile Up For 3 Days

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What is a gut feeling? It’s when without being able to explain it, you just have a feeling of knowing. it’s almost like a sixth sense that we develop from experience, or through our empathetic nature. Gut feelings have their own sense of certianity and urgency. That’s why when this postal carrier noticed that one of her regulars’ mail was piling up, she felt that something was wrong.

She had no proof and no way of knowing for sure, but it was strong enough of a feeling that she decided she had to something about it. This ended up saving a woman’s life, and here’s how.

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It Was Just Another Work Day

Kayla walking in snowy street

USPS / Facebook

USPS / Facebook

Like any other morning, Kayla Berridge put on her uniform, as usual, go her gear, and headed out to walk her normal 9-mile delivery route in Newmarket, a small town in New Hampshire. Kayla liked to converse with the residents on her route and got familiar with some of the regulars. It was a small enough town anyway.

That’s why that day, she couldn’t help but notice something unusual. When she passed by one of the regulars, an elderly woman’s house she had gotten to know, she found her mail had been piling up for three days. The woman was in her 80s and liked to usually chat but she was nowhere in sight, so Kayla got worried.