Grandkids Share This Unique Trait With Their Grandparents, According To Science

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It’s funny how many adults complain that their parents are nicer to their grandkids than they ever were to their own kids? So what gives? It turns out that grandparents’ brains actually react differently to their grandchildren. There is a reason they want to shower them with affection and bake them cookies till their stomachs hurt and their parents have to deal with sugar rush. Grandparents actually radiate happiness from jus seeing their grandchildren as they bring out their kindness and soft side. This also affects the children’s development. Here’s exactly what happens in both their brains according to a study.

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Even From Just Looking At A Picture

Grandma holds Kodak camera up to her eye

Rod Long / Unsplash

Rod Long / Unsplash

Did you know that a grandparent’s love for their grandchild is so strong that all it takes is a picture to activate the brain activity associated with their bond?

Science made a historical breakthrough when they scanned the brains of grandmothers while they were looking at photos of their grandchildren. The experiment helped them understand better the undeniable bond they share with their grandchildren and the strong influence it has on both the grandmas and their grandkids. It’s no surprise that when kids are asked about some of their happiest early memories, it’s going to grandma’s house. By the time they’re old enough to form fulfilling relationships, despite their grandma’s advanced age, the two keep a strong bond till the end of the grandmas’ days. It’s one of the only relationships where age is really just a number and the two can still be the best of friends.