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Signs You're Living In A Haunted House, From Experts

There has been a recent spike in reported haunted houses in the past two years for the simple reason that due to the pandemic and people needing to stay home more often, they also started to notice paranormal sightings. CBC conducted an interview with Tenney, a paranormal researcher and former host of TV's Ghost Stalkers, who told them that he went from receiving two to five calls a month from people convinced their homes are haunted to now getting five to 10 calls a week.

Have you ever been home only to feel like you're not actually alone, or that you're being watched? There's a possibility you might be sharing your home with roommates from beyond the grave if you share any of the following experiences. The following signs are shared by people who have experienced them first handed, making them their own kind of experts.

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The Sound Of Mysterious Voices

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"My house was built in the 20s and several different families have lived here in the past. There was a night my now ex partner couldn't fall asleep so she sat up watching TV. She heard me calling for her from the dark hallway to our room and saw my shadow move. She quickly got up to check on me, but I was deep asleep and could not have possibly been calling for her from the doorway.

Another time I was alone, trying to take a mid-day nap, and heard footsteps move across the floor. I felt the bed shift behind me like someone was lying down, which was nice- until I remembered that my ex was out of town visiting family that weekend...." - atlGnomeThief / Reddit

One way to listen for abnormal sounds is to look for the frequency of the noises and the type of their sound. Unexplainable but re-occurring sounds are likely to belong to someone from the realm beyond.

Sudden Drops In Temperature

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​"I had fallen asleep at night with my fan running, and woke up freezing - I turned it off. Not long after, I woke up hot and turned it back on. This happened several times. The last time, I woke up hot once again, and the moment I opened my eyes, I heard the pull of my fan and looked up to see it slowly start speeding up." - coolicidal / Reddit

They say that it's possible that even if ghosts don't experience temperature themselves, they radiate a certain energy that changes the temperature in their environment.

A Smell Without A Source

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"On the same day, every year, is the smell of something burning. It can be detected in only two specific but unrelated parts of the house. You can even define the limits of where you can smell it by walking around. After about two hours it goes away. Until the next year." - TigLyon / Reddit

Haunted houses often get "phantom smells" which are best described as very specific and sometimes strange smells that shouldn't exist in your home such as perfumes you don't own or cigars when you don't smoke.

The Phone Battery Is Always Dying

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"I had friends over and told them the house was haunted. No one believe me so I asked the ghost to do anything to prove it was there. As soon as I asked, all the lights in the house began flickering for about a minute straight. This was the middle of the day, everyone witnessed it." - munchyz / Reddit

Ghosts often feed off of electricity because they absorb whatever kind of energy they find around them. In today's technologically advanced world, it's easiest for them to take advantage of electronics. This is why the TV suddenly shuts off or turns on and your batteries deplete faster.

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Weird Sensation At The Back Of The Neck

woman feels the back of her neck

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"I read a story about a guy who had a woman spirit in his home. She would get jealous of the women he brought home. The spirit would lock his girlfriends in the bathroom and pull their hair and such. He said one night this spirit came into his room and laid in bed with him. He said he felt a coldness on his back and her cold breath on the back of his neck. He let it happen and then after that he noped out of that place." - halfbreed_prince / Reddit

Ghosts may sometimes be stuck to a home base but they're not stationary. They often tend to attach themselves to specific people, perhaps ones they find fascinating or hope to use as a vessel. Most often they'll do it by hanging on to the back of the neck.

Animals Act Strangely

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​"A lot of strange stuff happens. The animals (dog and parrots) will wake up from their naps and follow something with their heads just as they would follow me if I walk around." - suspiciouspalmtree / Reddit

Animals have a much wider range of perceptions than humans do. They will often be able to see, hear, and feel beyond our physical capacities. So if there's an additional entity in your home, they will be the first to notice.

Fulled Bodied Apparitions

ghostly figure puts up hand against wall

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"One guy from the house painting showed himself and he always looked confused. His upper body looked like a normal person's body but his legs were kind of like... Smokey. We later found out that two people, including a small child had died in that house in the 70,s.

There was no such thing as 'Ghost-Hunters' back in the early '90s which is when we lived there. We did have a guy come by and try to bless the house to see if he could convince the spirits to move on... But no such luck. As far as 'Evil"' goes... You know it when you sense it." - DoctorDeath

In rare instances, you won't need to guess if there's a spirit sharing your home because it will declare itself to you through a direct apparition.

Yet To Be Scientifically Proven

shadows holding hands while walking down path

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Keep in mind that CBC reports that there is no scientific evidence for the existence of ghosts. However, it's possible that some things just can't be explained by science. For a lot of these people they never believed in ghost house hauntings until they experienced it themselves.

Once enough strange events take place, it's hard to deny the possibility. There are thousands of documentaries, books, movies and interviews detailing events of haunted houses for a reason.

There's A Possibility They're Trying To Communicate With You

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The Four Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Husbands

Women give a lot of time and thought to their idea of the best husband. Most would agree that he must be caring, loyal, attentive, understanding, and independent. No woman is looking to marry a man-child who is just looking for someone to mother him while he contributes the bare minimum. The tricky part is that most men are skilled at charming women into thinking that they will give them the world only to later find out that this was nothing but a facade, an idea they presented but had no intention of maintaining.

Luckily astrology has shown that some signs hold traits and characteristics within their core that naturally give them an advantage. Their personalities hold the traits of the best husbands.

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Aries: A Man On An Honest Mission

man spins woman in blue dress around

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​Aries is the kind of man who steps up to the plate without waiting for an invitation. You don't need to ask him twice to take out the trash, because he loves to take charge and be proactive. When they're at their best, Aries men want to become the financial head of their family. They want to ensure that they are working independently to provide and care for the one they love to the best of their abilities.

What makes Aries men great husbands is that they take care of themselves first so that they can actually care for a partner. Sometimes this means that they'll avoid relationships and stay single for long periods of time before they feel like they're in the right place for marriage. However, they tend to be honest about where they are along their path and with their intentions, making them easy to trust and later upfront husbands. You usually don't have to play guessing games, as they'll lay out their cards for you straight on the table.

Leo: Carefree Nature

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Leo men usually have a carefree nature and are happy to do their own thing while letting their partner do theirs. They are easy to plan with and communicate with because they are just happy if you are happy. They're not the jealous type or the overprotective kind that needs you home by a certain time and feels the need to check your phone when you're not looking. The trusting and natural connection they build makes for healthy relationships where both partners are independent in their own ways but can unite in an equal partnership.

Leos are also known to be courageous. Their carefree nature allows them to take risks without overthinking the outcomes. They are likely to go out of their way to make the first moves and put in the effort. They will make their wives feel supported, protected, and lifted.

Virgo: Supportive And Thoughtout

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A Virgo man is husband material because he actually takes the time to think things through. He doesn't rush into relationships and commitments unless he truly feels that it is right. This means that once he chooses the woman he wants to marry, he becomes entirely loyal and dedicated to her. He's willing to work through the hard times and doesn't give up easily. He takes time during arguments to think of logical responses rather than fight in the heat of the moment.

Virgo men are good at providing validation and reminding their wives that they are loved and cared for. They take their hard work ethic with them in their relationships because they understand that love is a muscle that needs to be trained in order to keep functioning at a healthy level. When Virgo men make a promise, they keep it forever.

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Taurus: Protective Of The Heart

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​A Taurus man is both caring and loyal. He is the kind of husband who will always reassure you that he's on your team. He wants to face all your problems with you, not against you. You can count on him when you need support or even just a little help around the house. His reliability means that he always shows up, and remembers birthdays and anniversaries.

Taurus men have a great moral compass that easily guides them in their relationships. They hate to disappoint you so they go out of their way to make sure that you know how much they are trying to love you. Taurus is a romantic at heart, which makes him the ideal partner for a stable relationship that doesn't get comfortable and boring. From the moment he marries the woman he loves, he becomes protective of her heart

Cancer: A Lover Of Love

man kisses woman's forehead as she wraps her arm around his

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Cancer men can't help but love everything about love. They can come off as needy but they are just craving to be loved the same intense, everything in, passionate way that they give love. They are emotional and sentimental making them some of the most romantic partners. They love to surprise their wives with flowers, or acts of service without being asked, just to see her smile at the end of the day.

They give a lot of affection and actually enjoy spending quality time with their wives. They are not confrontational and are great communicators. Marriages with them tend to be calm and patient because they don't let issues bottle up and talk calmly whenever there is an issue. They are genuinely kind and make caring partners.

Get Personal And Break The Cycle

woman rests her head on man's shuolder

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