Signs You’re Living In A Haunted House, From Experts

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There has been a recent spike in reported haunted houses in the past two years for the simple reason that due to the pandemic and people needing to stay home more often, they also started to notice paranormal sightings. CBC conducted an interview with Tenney, a paranormal researcher and former host of TV’s Ghost Stalkers, who told them that he went from receiving two to five calls a month from people convinced their homes are haunted to now getting five to 10 calls a week.

Have you ever been home only to feel like you’re not actually alone, or that you’re being watched? There’s a possibility you might be sharing your home with roommates from beyond the grave if you share any of the following experiences. The following signs are shared by people who have experienced them first handed, making them their own kind of experts.

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The Sound Of Mysterious Voices

sound monitoring with VU

Andy Makely / Unsplash

Andy Makely / Unsplash

“My house was built in the 20s and several different families have lived here in the past. There was a night my now ex partner couldn’t fall asleep so she sat up watching TV. She heard me calling for her from the dark hallway to our room and saw my shadow move. She quickly got up to check on me, but I was deep asleep and could not have possibly been calling for her from the doorway.

Another time I was alone, trying to take a mid-day nap, and heard footsteps move across the floor. I felt the bed shift behind me like someone was lying down, which was nice- until I remembered that my ex was out of town visiting family that weekend….” – atlGnomeThief / Reddit

One way to listen for abnormal sounds is to look for the frequency of the noises and the type of their sound. Unexplainable but re-occurring sounds are likely to belong to someone from the realm beyond.