Welcome To The Future: This Smart Contact Lens Has A Built-In Camera

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The South Korean multinational company was recently granted a patent for ‘smart contacts’. While this project is still very much in the planning stages, this is an amazing insight into what future technologies may look like.

As of now, the contact has a built in camera and sensors that can be controlled through blinking.

Only Google and Samsung have patents for this kind of wearable technology so far. Google’s interests lay more with medical pursuits, as their contact lense is supposed to be able to detect blood sugar levels through tears. Samsung’s design is more widely applicable.

Samsung’s contact lens will have not only an embedded camera but antennas that will communicate recorded information to your smartphone and other devices. To see the full patent diagrams, go to SamMobile. Below is a basic diagram provided by Samsung/Korea Intellectual Property Right Service.


The dangers of having a device in direct contact with your eye aren’t clear. It would seem that having a device that is broadcasting information through wireless means wouldn’t be beneficial. This device would subject the body to more electromagnetic fields. Studies have shown the dangers of EMF’s, linking certain wireless technologies to cancer.

This device would revolutionize how we acquire information. In light of such a subtle advancement, new privacy protocols would have to be enacted. If a person can record information just by looking at it, it will be difficult to stop piracy and violations of personal information. A disgruntled individual could steal corporate secrets with a blink of an eye. This device could be helpful in law enforcement, as we could record what cops are doing more intimately.