Test Your Perception With These Creepy “When You See It” Pictures

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You’d be surprised at how much you miss in the world around you as you pass by it. We all tend to be immersed in our thoughts or on our phones that we fail to take in our environment, connect with the strangers in it, and see the bigger picture beyond our tunnel vision. But what if sometimes that was for the best because there are certain things that we’re not even meant to see?

These pictures will have you either scratching your head, wondering how you’re missing what you’re supposed to be seeing, or your perception skills will notice it but you’ll be left creeped out and wishing you hadn’t seen it. We’ve included clues but it’s up to you if you want to rely completely on testing your perception without any help!

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Clue: Look To The Left

Via flickr / CC0

Via flickr / CC0

Have you ever wondered why most horror movies are set after nightfall? It’s because there’s something really creepy about the darkness. What lies within is unknown and taking away our full sight means that we have less powerful as we can’t prepare for what we can’t see ahead.

That’s why this image is extra creepy. All the lights were off but the flash of the camera revealed a girl peaking in the doorway on the left. Let’s just hope she actually lives there.