The 5 Psychological Reasons Why Women Pull Away From Men

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Women have a great natural intuitive ability. They’re able to pick up on subtle cues like change of tone or body language that are indicative of deeper issues. When they start to pull away from a man, it’s usually for a reason. They pull away in order to protect themselves and put a little distance between them and heartbreak while they assess the situation further. There is a chance of those reasons being fixed if they are become addressed early enough. Here are the five most common psychological reasons why women pull away.

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When A Man Expects Her To Mother Him

woman hugging man from behind

Blake Carpenter / Unsplash

Blake Carpenter / Unsplash

A woman may try to help at first with basic responsibilities but she will quickly grow tired of feeling like she has to help a man function as a basic human. A woman’s role in a relationship isn’t to babysit by taking care of her man’s laundry and making sure he’s fed while he spends his entire evening drinking beer by the television.

Women today need an equal partner. They work just as hard outside of the home and expect the same inside their home. When a man reverts back to child-like behavior and needs, women are likely to want to go look elsewhere.