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The 5 Psychological Reasons Why Women Pull Away From Men

Women have a great natural intuitive ability. They're able to pick up on subtle cues like change of tone or body language that are indicative of deeper issues. When they start to pull away from a man, it's usually for a reason. They pull away in order to protect themselves and put a little distance between them and heartbreak while they assess the situation further. There is a chance of those reasons being fixed if they are become addressed early enough. Here are the five most common psychological reasons why women pull away.

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When A Man Expects Her To Mother Him

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A woman may try to help at first with basic responsibilities but she will quickly grow tired of feeling like she has to help a man function as a basic human. A woman's role in a relationship isn't to babysit by taking care of her man's laundry and making sure he's fed while he spends his entire evening drinking beer by the television.

Women today need an equal partner. They work just as hard outside of the home and expect the same inside their home. When a man reverts back to child-like behavior and needs, women are likely to want to go look elsewhere.

When A Man Expects Her To Do All The Emotional Labor

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It's not a woman's job to take care of a man emotionally. Sometimes men don't allow themselves to be vulnerable with anyone except their partner, but that's a lot of pressure. They should bear the responsibility of dealing with their own emotions and only using their partner for support.

They shouldn't expect a woman to fix their problems for them or use their emotions as a means of justifying their betrayals or other toxic behavior. When a woman starts to pick up that the man she's dealing with lacks emotional intelligence, she's likely to pull away.

When A Man Takes More Than He Gives

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Some men keep pushing the boundaries to see how much they can take advantage of a woman's natural caretaking instincts. They'll keep on making more and more demands but start giving less and less in return.

Suddenly the same man who wooed a woman with the way he made her feel respected and taken care of is replaced with someone who withholds affection, barely makes time to prioritize her yet wonders why she feels neglected. When a woman notices that the power dynamic is becoming unbalanced, she will pull away to restore balance.

When A Man Gets Too Comfortable

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Men are really good at trying hard in the beginning but stop putting in effort as soon as they realized that the woman has fallen for them. It's like they forget that just as she was able to fall in love with them, she can also fall out of love with them. Love is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised.

Biologically, there needs to be a release of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin, the pleasure and cuddle hormones. Without them, boredom takes over and the love fades, and with it so does the woman's desire to stay in the relationship.

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When She Senses His Commitment Issues

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Nothing is more of a turn-off for a woman than a man who's too scared to commit. Women who know their worth don't have the time or energy to convince a man of why he should get over his fear and take a risk. Love is a risk for all parties involved and if she can be vulnerable enough to put her heart on the line then she sees no reason why the man can't.

She knows that someone's bound to see her as worth the risk. Instead, men with commitment issues often come off as players and ungenuine. They give women no reason to stay.

There Is Hope When It Comes To Love

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In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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The World's Oldest Person Just Turned 119, But What's Fascinating Is How She Spends Her Days

The oldest person in the world just recently celebrated her 119th birthday in a nursing home in southwestern Japan. Now if you're picturing an immobile old lady who does nothing bt spend her days in bed, think again. This woman may be at the end of her days, but she is still full of life.

The way that she spends her every day should be an inspiration to all of us that we're never too old to put in the effort everyday to live it to the fullest. After all, what's the point in living if we don't actually feel alive? Here's how she does it.

She Has Watched The Whole World Change

Black and white photo of Tanaka in her youth

@Elizabeth_Ruler / Twitter

When you've lived almost a century and a quarter long, you're bound to probably feel like you're in your own science fiction movie by the end. The world has drastically changed over the years. When Kane Tanaka was born, in 1903 in Japan, life was much simpler. This was the same year that the Wright brothers powered their first flight. Kane grew up around her nine siblings before she married a rice shop owner when she turned 19 years old.

Since then she has lived through wonders including two world wars, two pandemics, the rise of technologies, and more life changes than we could possibly imagine.

Today, Her Routine Is Quite Unique

Recent Photo of Tanaka

@Elizabeth_Ruler / Twitter

​Just because she has lived a long and meaningful life, doesn't mean that she's done living each day to the fullest. What's really fascinating about Kane's long life is the way that she chooses to live every day.

It turns out that even at her nursing home, Kane wakes up every morning bright and early at 6 a.m. and spends part of her day studying mathematics. She keeps her mind sharp and alert by spending the day solving number puzzles and playing board games. She has gotten so good at this that in 2019, she became an expert in the game of Othello, a strategy board game, even beating the nursing home's younger staff.

She Has Broken New Records

"Happy Birthday" candles on cake

Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Kane is now part of the Guinness World Records and has been since turned 117 and became Japan's oldest living person. On her birthday, Guinness even tweeted her a happy birthday and shared a video of her from 2019, when she was officially given the title.

Unfortunately, while Kane has adapted to much of the modern world, she hasn't made it as far as setting her own Twitter account to reply. Nonetheless, everyone who saw the tweet was inspired by her will to live as well as the way she chooses to live.

She's Got The Right Attitude

close up on puzzle

Sigmund / Unsplash

Tanaka sounds like a delightful woman who emits all kinds of positive vibes. Her personality exceeds her intelligence and love for math because just like the average person, Tanaka also shares a strong love for fizzy drinks and chocolate. In fact, when she was gifted a box of chocolates during her Guinness ceremony, someone asked her how many chocolates she wanted to eat, she replied, "100." And why shouldn't she? When you've lived that long there is no reason not to indulge and maximize life's little pleasures.

Tanaka carried the same attitude when she was crowned Japan's oldest person at 117 and celebrated with a coke. Tanaka's positivity is radiant and comes across in all her gestures. When she was sent flowers on Respect for the Aged Day, she expressed her gratitude by making a peace sign.

Maybe Chocolate Is The Key

fancy chocolate displayed with chocolate sauce on a silver plate

Universal Eye / Unspash

Tanaka has another three years to go until she breaks the all-time record for the oldest person that has lived, which right now is held by Jeanne Louise Calment from France, who lived to 122 years. Currently, she holds the record for the world's oldest currently living person since Jeanne has since passed.

What's interesting about these two women is their love for their chocolate. They say that Jeanne ate two pounds of chocolate a week! Could chocolate be the new fountain of youth? The answer is probably in how these two women carried themselves in their youth and the way they're able to see the good in the everyday. However, Japan is known to hold one of the longevity rates in the world which have increased significantly in the last 60 years.

How Much Longer Do You Have left?

hand holds levitating leaf in its palm

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