The 7 Things Men Should Never Apologize For

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It takes a lot of good character to put dignity aside and prioritize apologies. Taking accountability and recognizing when we’re in the wrong reflects our level of growth, capacity for empathy and willingness to learn from our mistakes. However, a good apology is not only sincere but genuinely needed. There are times when men are expected to apologize for things that shouldn’t require an apology in the first place. It’s important to recognize these instances as to create a world where communication, understanding and haromy exist within us all.

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Needing Some Alone Time

man laying on white ground

Mwangi Gatheca / Unsplash

Mwangi Gatheca / Unsplash

When a man needs to close himself off from the world for a minute, just to find his balance and center himself back within his world, we should allow him to. We shouldn’t reprimand him for not texting back right away and consider it a lack of communication because in reality, we all need to be alone sometimes.

We all need time to focus on our own needs and re-energize in order to have good energy to put back into the world. Don’t take it personally and don’t deny him this right.