The Animal You See First Reveals What You Value Most In Love

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When we meet someone we’re interested in, we don’t automatically think of what exactly attracts us to us. There are deep rooted experiences, values, and developed preferences that give us a certain “type” that makes for our ideal partner. However, this is also the same reason why sometimes our type changes, after a certain experience or revelation subconsciously alters what we look for in someone we want to attach ourselves so intimately to.

To learn more about our subconscious thoughts, tests like this tap into the subconscious mind through Fredian style images. Such images associations are able to bring the unconscious into the concsious mind.

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The Conscious Vs The Subconscious

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Peshkova / Getty Images via Canva Pro

Peshkova / Getty Images via Canva Pro

Sigmund is perhaps best known for his contributions and revelations of the subconscious mind to the world of psychology. Basically, he was one of the first therapists to come to the conclusion that his patient’s problems, feelings, behavior, and worldview were entirely dependent on their childhood and the makings of their past.

Freud believed that people acted without realizing that their subconscious mind was the driver of all their behavior. To figure out how to change their behavior, what it is that they need, and find happiness, they would need to bring what’s hiding in their subconscious to the surface of their conscious mind. This includes their values and perception of love.