The Body Language Flags That Giveaway If A Person Can Be Trusted Or Is Lying

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It’s fascinating how much the body can give away before the mind has even processed it. Sometimes the physical body is one step ahead of us. It’s why we feel angry before we realize we haven’t eaten all day, or feel tired before processing stress. Usually, the body is quite in tune with both the conscious and subconscious mind.

This is usually beneficial for us, as it can alert us to things that we’re not consciously aware of in the moment. However, the physical body can also betray us and give us away when we’re lying. Here’s what to look for when deciding if a person is lying, or if they can be trusted.

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Avoiding Eye Contact

woman looking up behind clothes

Alexandru Zdrobău / Unsplash

Alexandru Zdrobău / Unsplash

​Look directly in their eyes and see if they meet yours. Strong eye contact is a sign of confidence. If they’re being truthful with you then they’ll feel confident about what they’re saying. However, if they’re lying, the stress of doing it will likely cause their eyes to shift. They may worry that they’re giving themselves away through their eyes and try to look away as much as possible. However, in their effort to not appear suspicious, they actually ironically show that they’re not being truthful.

However, be careful as some people have a hard time keeping eye contact in general if they struggle with self-esteem and assertiveness. Take their usual tendencies into account, and look for whether they match or not.