The Surprising Reasons Men Are Choosing To Spend The Holidays Alone

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Not everyone gets the picture-perfect holidays huddled with their loved ones around a Christmas tree, sipping on hot chocolate. Some for either circumstantial or desired reasons, chose to spend the holidays on. The following men are actually looking forward be alone this holiday season and not for the reasons that you would think.

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Celebrating Divorce

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[ik] @invadingkingdom / Unsplash

[ik] @invadingkingdom / Unsplash

“Honestly I’m excited. My wife of ten years dumped me about two months ago but agreed to let me stay with the kids until New Year. Went from horribly depressed to outright over the moon, and now can’t wait to get my own place, work on myself and become the best dad I can be to my kids.

Moving back to where my family are, next to the sea, and the thought of being able to be ‘me’ without worrying about upsetting the ex somehow is resulting in a weird and wonderful feeling I haven’t had in a long time.” – mintysambo / Reddit

This man thought that he would never be able to be happy again, but the holiday season reminded him of who he was without his partner. It gave him the freedom to be who he wants to be without worrying about how it affected someone else.