The First Word That Comes To Mind With These Letters Reveals Your Subconscious State

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If you haven’t heard of the missing letter effect, it’s a used tool in cognitive psychology that asks people to consciously detect letters when reading a text. The goal is to see what pops into their mind when they see a specific text. Is it dependent on how often they see it or is it simply a reflection of their state of mind? For the purposes of this test, the goal is to find out your subconscious state of being. How you chose to fill the gap, will shed light on your true feelings.

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The Missing Letter Effect

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Jason Leung / Unsplash

Jason Leung / Unsplash

Before taking the test keep in mind that there are two ways that the missing letter effect is explained. The first one is that the word you identify depends on how often you are familiar with that word. Maybe it’s a word that makes you feel passionate or that others have referred to you by, or that you often use to describe your feelings.

Second, the way that you view the word to work within a sentence is how you make the association. So maybe your mind will choose to put the word you see immediately in a sentence to make sense of it. The key is in timeliness. Make sure you’re not spending too much time thinking of all the possibilities. You’ll see a word quickly and that will be the one that most accurately reflects your subconscious.