Tree Or Woman? What You See First Reveals How You Deal With Conflict

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Although personality is unique to each individual’s upbringing, genetics, psychology, and environments, there are indicators embedded in our intuition. In optical illusions like this, your eyes work faster than your mind. What you see first reveals what is that you’re more prone to want to see, based on your set of values, preferences, and yes, even personality.

The following illusion contains two images. Its goal is to better your awareness of how you’re likely to respond to conflict based on your intuitive reaction to the image.

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The Image Only Has Two Options

close of eye and pupil

V2osk / Unsplash

V2osk / Unsplash

The goal is not to find both images although you could challenge your eyesight and perception to see if you’re able to. Rather in the beginning, focus on which image you can see first.

Remember that your intuition is there for a reason. It is meant to guide you based on your past experiences, and the universe’s way of pushing you towards your purpose. Those who listen to it tend to take bigger risks and build confidence within themselves. It also can see beyond the shallow surface.