This Is How The Dark Origins Of Valentine’s Day Are Twisted And Have Nothing To Do With Romance

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Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love. Stores are filled with pink, red, chocolate, teddy bears and hallmark cards. The expectation is to go above and beyond to celebrate the love you share for your partner and re-ignite the romance between you. It all seems innocent and joyful.

Except this wasn’t how the day always was. There was a time when ‘valentine’s day ” or its equivalent was full of questionable events that were actually quite dark and twisted. Here is the origin of the holiday. Read at your own risk as it might make you think twice about wanting to partake!

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The Pagan Festival

black and white photo of young girl holding flowers

Social History Archive / Unsplash

Social History Archive / Unsplash

The first origins of Valentine’s day date all the way back to the ancient Pagan Festival also known as Lupercalia. The festival goes back to pre-Romans, and took place from Feb. 13 to Feb 15 right around the same time we celebrate it today. What happened at the festival is quite disturbing.

Basically, they sacrificed a goat and a dog, and then used them to whip women. This was consensual and women lined up for it because they all believed that it would make them fertile. There was a lot of drinking and nudity, but it was all in the name of making healthy babies. This tradition actually lasted for 150 years until Constantine legalized Christianity in the Roman Empire.