This Zodiac’s House Placement Makes For A Quirky & Independent Person – Do You Have It?

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Astrological birth charts tend to be divided into 12 sections that are called houses. The separation is dependent on the planets they land in. The 11th house however is special because it’s known as the “house of friends,” and it rules things like friendship, groups, and humanity at large. Those who fall into this house tend to fall into an alignment with the planets that gives them a uniquely quirky and independent personality. Let’s see if you fit into this category!

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What Are The 12 Houses Of Astrology?

astrology cards layed out on table

Girasol_Monge / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Girasol_Monge / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

The 12 houses of astrology each govern a theme that leads our lives. The first house is all about beginnings and the forming of identities while the 12th house is about endings and letting go, bringing the houses around full circle. It all depends on where the sun was rising at the moment that you were born and how the timing of your birth aligns with the universe at large and the planets within it.

The way the planets fall, gives information that can be quite revealing about your personality. That’s why the 11th house, in particular, is quite unique.

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