This Basic Eye Test Will Determine Exactly What Type Of Person You Are

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To find footing in the massive array of personalities and people we experience, we have come up with archetypes to help categorize people. This short quiz looks at the way you decipher visual information to distinguish you from others.

You can get anything from perfectionist, to realist, opportunist and pessimist. There are more but it’s interesting to see the way a person views the world around them and how that relates to their personality.

Are you the kind of person to look at the big picture? Looking beyond anomalies to see the overall effect of individual patterns. Or are you the kind of person that revels in affirming the nitty gritty details that make up a larger image?

Humans rely on vision more than any other sense. There is a lot of variance in what each person sees, even if they are all looking at the same scene. We look for what we expect and can comprehend. We look with our mind more than our eyes.

Take the test below to see how your particular use of sight reveals about your personality.