7 Photos That Will Brighten Your Day & Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Everyday adversities get to us every now and then. It's okay to admit defeat, be vulnerable, and even expose a little bit of those sensitive feelings from time to time.

However, we have something that is going to reverse those sensitive feelings all together!

Even though there are a variety of things in this world that would love to see you cry, we like to combat those things with these amazing events that are happening all over the world as we speak!

Unemployed But Have An Interview?

No problem at all! This dry cleaning business has got your back as well as your suit. If you have little to no money to spare for a quick dry clean for a job that you really need, then stop on by to get your brand spanking new business suit!

No charge, no questions, and everyone is ready to make you an employed person once more!

The Amazing 100-Year-Old Maker Of Dresses

That's right, Lillian Weber who is the age of 100 has been making one dress per day for young girls who are in dire need of some clothes.

She has made over 1,000 dresses so far and plans to keep making many more! That's pretty freaking amazing.

With Love, Not War

At a protest in Romania, this little one offers the police a heart-shaped balloon as a symbol of peace.

We need more brave heroes like this little friend. It's important to remember that love surely does conquer all in the end.

Prosthetics For Elephants

This elephant lost it's entire leg from stepping on a land mine. Fast forward a little further into the future, this elephant has a brand new leg and foot all together!

It will still take some time for this elephant to get use to the changes but at least there was a solution to this horrible problem.

Seagull Down!

An injured seagull had little to no energy at all to fly anywhere. Luckily, this rollerblader that was passing by saw the struggling bird and decided to give it a very much deserved drink from the water fountain.

I would like to think that anyone would do this for an injured animal they were just so happened to be rollerblading by. What a nice guy!

Save The Lamb!

These guys saw a lamb that was trapped deep in the raging rapids of a river and immediately became the rescue team that lamb so desperately needed.

Putting themselves into the dangerous rapids and hoisting the lamb out from certain doom just in time. I am really happy to know these guys are out there saving helpless wildlife!

Your Local Free Libraries

Free libraries can be found all over a local community. Essentially what this is is a place where people can browse used books, see if they like it and take it, or leave a book that they no longer need but want others to enjoy as well.

It's a really amazing thing when people are so willing to freely share their knowledge and joy in a place such as a free library!

See? Not everything is so bad in the world. In fact, there are a variety of amazing people on this planet who only want to see good things happening everyday. The best part is is that you can be join in too!

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