Women Reveal The Surprising Reasons Why They Chose To Be Unfaithful

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Cheating is never okay, nor is it ever the answer to your problems. We all know that “cheating” is wrong but are there ever circumstances where it’s justified? Most of you would say no but then the least you can is take the time to understand why someone would do it.

We tend to assume that a cheater is usually a man, a player who has no remorse and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Yet, sometimes the cheater is a woman, even a kind loving woman that no one would ever suspect. So what reason would such a woman ever have to cheat? Let’s find out!

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Unfulfilled Needs

woman grabs man's face to kiss him
Henri Meilhac / Unsplash
Henri Meilhac / Unsplash

“Wasn’t happy with my partner. He didn’t give me the attention—mentally, emotionally, or physically—that I needed. I loved him, but I felt like he kept me around to pass the time. My best friend, though, he gave me all the attention I needed and made me feel like the sexiest woman in the world.” – Weekendoffender

You can be around a person all the time and still feel completely unseen. This can start to break a person from the inside and make them feel like they don’t even matter, or like they aren’t worth anything. So when somebody finally makes them feel deserving, it’s easy to seek that feeling out.