What Color Is Your Aura Based On This Mood Scale?

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Auras are thought of as the unseen field of energy surrounding a person’s physical body. The aura color is affected by our mood and emotional state. At times it’s also the reflection of the state of others.

While each person holds an original aura color, ouraura can change depending on our state of mind. It usually returns to the original color once the person is leveled out. Find out what your aura color is depending on your current emotional state and mood.

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Feeling Creative And Full Of Ideas?

woman holding orange slices to her face in front of orange background

Noah Busher / Unsplash

Noah Busher / Unsplash

The orange aura is often behind creativity and sexual energy. When you’re listening to music or immersed in your passion, you let the creative energy flow through you.

This childlike, carefree energy prefers to learn from experience than from logic. It encourages spur-of-the-moment risks, spontaneous decisions and makes you feel braver in the moment like you can accomplish anything and won’t listen to anyone. The energy stems from your sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen.