What Did You See First? The Answer Reveals Your Social Skills

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It’s interesting how our own minds can play tricks on us, making us see what’s not there or multiple versions of the same thing. Can we even trust it at that point? The answer is yes, not only should we trust it, but we should trust the first version we notice the most. Our first impression or what we notice first is rooted in our intuition and aligned with our freest thoughts, yet to be tainted by imposed logic or what we “think” we should see.

Our subconscious holds our truest selves, made of the combination of our past, present, and future selves. It might come through in our dreams or it can be exposed through image tests like the one below.

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What Do You See First?

Look at the picture above and pay attention to the first thing you see. What do you see first?

According to Wake Up Your Mind, people see either trees, roots or lips and what they notice first reveals a lot about their personality and social skills. Remember that the goal isn’t to find all three images but rather to focus on the first one. Once you have it, match it with the related interpretation below.