What Did You Spot First? The Answer Reveals Your Worst Subconscious Fear

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Vladimir Kush is known for his deceptive paintings. He was born and raised in Russia where he studied at the Institute of Fine Arts and served in the Russian military. As a result of his mixed experience, having seen both beauty and death, he is able to create paintings made of carefully crafted ambiguous scenes that have multiple meanings. Each meaning has the ability to speak a certain truth about the subconscious mind.

This painting in particular is titled Butterfly Apple but we won’t give more of it away as to allow you to experience it for yourself, and find your own experience of beauty and fear.

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What Is Fear In Its Essence?

Woman in darkness hides her face with her hands

Melanie Wasser / Unsplash

Melanie Wasser / Unsplash

Fear is ultimately just a feeling. We’re not born afraid. Throughout life, we learn either by conditioning or experience that some things have a high risk of bad consequences so we become afraid of them. In psychology, fear is a stimulus that is triggered when a threat is detected. This triggers the fear response in the amygdala (a part of the brain) that gets the body ready to either fight or escape.

Some fears are so deeply rooted that they trick the brain into thinking that the fear is more than a feeling, that it can never be changed. This then makes the fear subconsciously control actions and reactions. For example, you might subconsciously sabotage every new relationship because deep inside, you’re afraid of getting heartbroken and think it is unavoidable.