What Happens When Two Co-dependent People Get In A Relationship Together

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Co-dependant relationships are one of the ultimate toxic formulas for romantic relationships. It enables one partner while keeping the other one stuck. Although the reasons for keeping the couple dependent on one another is different, it keeps them trapped in the relationship long past its expiration date. These relationships are never balanced and only one person, if either, is actually able to have their needs somewhat fulfilled. It may start off well, but it never ends easily and it only gets worse over time. But just how bad does it get? The following are the worst parts of relationships with two codependant people.

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What Is A Codependant Relationship?

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Travelerium / Canva Pro

In romantic relationships, it’s when one partner needs a lot of attention and support, usually because they’re not in a good place and need some inner growth, but they don’t take responsibility for working through that themselves. Instead, they rely on someone else to make them happy and fill that void. They partner themselves up with someone who easily attaches. One person just wants to be needed while the other person takes advantage.

For example, empaths with giving nature will often find themselves in codependent relationships with narcissists, who progressively make bigger demands till their victims feels completely burned out.