What Is Worse, A Bad Job Or A Bad Relationship? Here’s How To Tell

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You feel like the love is no longer there, the passion has faded, and the increasingly toxic relationship is leaving you drained…are we talking about your job or relationship? The answer could be both but that still leaves the question: which is worse?

No one takes a job or goes into a relationship expecting it to ruin their lives yet many end up there anyway. It comes to a point where they have to evaluate whether it’s worth pushing through and trying anyway or whether the toll that each one is taking is too much too handle. We’ve assessed the factors that could help someone make that decision below.

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Both Are Draining, But Only One Is Essential

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Magnet. Me / Unsplash

Magnet. Me / Unsplash

The way that society is built, you need some sort of job to survive. It pays the bills, the more it pays it creates comfort and allows you to afford a lifestyle that brings you happiness. When a job becomes draining, the paycheque at the end of it can sometimes feel worth it.

A relationship on the other hand is a bonus. It can add to your life, give you a partner to share experiences with and it can feel fulfilling to love and be loved. However, you can survive and even still be happy without it. When you’re in a bad relationship, there’s no reward at the end. No one is paying if you push through. It leaves you drained and that’s it.