Here's Why It Is Completely Fine To Cut Out Family Members From Your Life

In my opinion, there is nothing more challenging and heartbreaking than having to end the connection and distance yourself from a loved one.

Family ties are some of the strongest bonds anyone has in their entire life. Whether you are family by blood or family by choice, everyone has certain people they consider to be family.

Family is supposed to always be there for you and you never expect your family to hurt you. However, some family members can be more destructive and damaging than anyone else.

When this sacred bond is broken, it can leave a lasting wound. The truth is, some people are simple too toxic for you to be around and you need to move on without them.

Don't be ashamed for deciding to put yourself first. Never put your physical, mental, or emotional well-being on the line just because someone is "family."

So, how do you know how to spot a toxic family member? Pay attention for these five warning signs!

1. They feed off drama.

Have you ever decided to turn to family member for some advice or shared some of your deepest fears with someone you trusted? You expose your vulnerabilities in hopes to receive some sort of assistance in a time of need.

Then you find out they have completely betrayed you and now everyone knows your secrets. This is the ultimate betrayal, especially when it comes from a close family member or trusted friend.

2. They judge you.

Constructive criticism is extremely healthy and a required part of every relationship. However, repeated, aggressive, and degrading criticism can affect a person's self-confidence on a very deep level.

Family members that are overly judgmental and controlling are definitely toxic and you have no need to feel bad about removing yourself from their presence.

3. They are only there for you if it somehow benefits them.

A toxic family member will only decide to help you if they have something to gain. Normally, they will come to you for advice or assistance, but as soon as you give them what they need, they will choose to distance themselves from you once again.

What happens when you need their support and love? They're no where to be found. They know how to manipulate you.

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4. They go back and forth between positive and negative comments.

One moment they're praising you and supporting your efforts and the next they're insulting you and judging every move you make.

They can't tolerate it when you ignore their efforts, so they do everything in their power to regain control of your attention. It is nearly impossible for them to give up their manipulative behavior.

5. They often use a nefarious manipulation technique, referred to as gaslighting.

If you know someone who claims that they never did or said something when you and everyone else around know that's a lie... you are being gaslighted.

Gaslighting is a technique based on planting seeds of doubt in the mind of the victim in an attempt to make them feel helpless and question their own sanity and memory.

Chances are, you might have a family member that matches the description above. If so, they are a threat to your mental health. Toxic relationships, even with family and friends, can have a major impact on your overall wellbeing.

Just because you have identified a toxic relationship, that doesn't mean you should give up on that person. There are many things you can do to make a toxic family member more tolerable.

However, the best solution will always be to remove them from your life. It is not always an easy task, especially if that toxic person is a parent.

If the situation has escalated to a point where it has become impossible for you to be happy, then you have no choice but to eliminate that person from your life.

No matter how beneficial removing this person from your life might have been, there will still be feeling of guilt, loss, pain and doubt about the decision.

You must be willing to make this sacrifice in order to protect your emotions. Sometimes you have to experience pain to protect yourself. You will also need time to recover and heal.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Mess With An Empath

More and more people are becoming familiar with the term "empath" lately. But what does it really mean to be an empath?

"Empath" comes from Greek, "em" meaning in, and "pathos" meaning feeling. It indicates the type of person who can feel what others are feeling.

This sense of understanding is multiplied several times for an empath. They are the most sensitive and intuitive individuals on the planet.

If you are an empath, you are sensitive to your surroundings, which often causes you to feel too much.

Unfortunately, if you are surrounded my negative energies, they can also cause you to act malevolently. This trait can make you an easy target for manipulators and psychopaths.

All the hate, misery, and suffering in the world weigh down your soul. You no longer have a tolerance for negative people and the energy carry around.

Many empaths can lose grip on their own feeling and can no longer distinguish between their own feelings and those coming from external sources.

Those around the empath cannot feel and often do not understand what you are going through. Often times empaths are misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and/or depression.

Here are ten obvious reasons why you should never consider messing around with a true empath!

1. Empaths can instantly detect lies, 'big' or 'small'.

This is often considered to be the most powerful gift that empaths have been blessed with. If someone lies to an empath, they will almost never get away with it. Empaths have many internal alarm signals for detecting lies.

Empaths have an innate ability to sense dishonesty and discomfort. Whether it is a big circle of lies or a harmless white-lie, the empath will always sense it.

2. Empaths can see when people are wearing a mask.

This goes along with #1. One of the most powerful items in the empath's toolbox. The ability to spot a wolf in sheep's clothing. There are just some people who say they have good intentions, but inside they desire the worst for those around them.

Empaths are often referred to as old souls and can see through nearly every false tale.

3. Empaths know when you are being sarcastic.

Many people try to hide their sadeness and depression with sarcasm and humor. Empaths have the ability to see right through this technique.

If an empath knows that you're hurting, they won't be able to stop themselves from helping.

4. You can't hide your jealousy or hatred from an empath.

Similar to the Jedi, empaths can also sense when someone is hiding their jealousy or hatred. If you pretend to be a friend with an empath, they won't fall for it.

Empaths can tell when your feelings are changing.

5. Empaths know when you're filled prejudice.

Intolerant, racist, and homophobic people do exist in our world. These people have always existed in our society. Some of them are even bold enough to force their opinions on those that they hate, while others dare not share their hatred in public.

Empaths have no tolerance for bigotry and can easily sense it in other people.

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6. Empaths know that you're not "fine".

No one is forcing you to discuss your emotions, but when you tell an empath that everything is alright, and you're actually going through an emotional storm, they can sense it.

When someone is annoyed, tense, scared, or uncomfortable about something, empaths can read that. Even if you appear calm and collected.

7. Empaths know when you are not fully applying yourself in life.

People act fake for many reasons. Most people are not trying to be malicious, they just don't feel comfortable with where they are at in life. They're hiding behind a fake identity because they don't feel comfortable in their own skin.

Empaths can see that you are struggling to reach your true potential and want to help.

8. Empaths can sense when someone is being self-destructive.

If an empath comes across someone with self-destructive tendencies, an empath can see it almost immediately. Many people just enjoy playing the victim and creating unnecessary drama for themselves.

9. Empaths know when you're being selfish.

Empaths can usually understand when someone is trying to pull something on them. They can usually spot selfish intensions from a mile away and have no patience for this type of thing.

Many people refer to empaths as "givers" and because they offer up their energy in social situations.

10. Empaths know when you're trying to hide something.

No matter what you try to hide, nothing can be hidden from the eyes of an Empath. They have the power of intuition to sense when something is off.

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