Be Careful Of These 5 Simple Phrases People Use To Manipulate You

People who have mastered the art of manipulation are some of the most elaborate story weavers, "misdirection's", evasive, and annoying people in the entire world. They know just what to say, how to say it, who to say it to, and what to do with them afterwards all in order to get what they want. These people have little to no concern for people's feelings or their lives altogether.

You are but a minor inconvenience for the thing that they want most out of you. Just so you know what to look for when it comes to dealing with a manipulative person, you should be aware of these common misdirections that they give people once they have set their eye's on something they want.

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"Don't Overreact"

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Often times a manipulative person will tell you that you are overreacting to what they want from you. They will try to play it off as if they weren't asking anything from you at all.

Most of the time they will overreact themselves if you continue to deny them whatever it is they are looking for. Do not give in, you are not overreacting, they simply want to see you cave in to their needs.

"Don't Be Dramatic"

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Following up with saying not to overreact, they will tell you to not be dramatic at them. Unfortunately, this scenario is already dramatic with them prying whatever information they can from you.

It is important that you see them as being the dramatic ones and do not pander to their little manipulative games.

"Don't Be So Sensitive"

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Just by saying this, this person is already demonstrating that they do not care for your feelings for the situation. Regardless of whatever it is they are asking and you are not comfortable with it, you do not have to explain to them why you feel the way you do.

You do not have to entertain someone who isn't going to care whether you help them or not. Your feelings are more than valid and if they say not to help this person, then you shouldn't indulge.

"Don't Be Crazy"

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If this person truly has the audacity to call you crazy or say don't be crazy after you say no to them, then you will want to address this immediately. Do not give into their games no matter what they try to tell you or how you're acting.

If you being "crazy" is a rational response to their wants or needs, then there is probably a good reason why you're feeling that way. You are not crazy, you are thinking clearly more than ever. If anyone should be claimed crazy it is them.

"Don't Misunderstand Me"

woman going crazy

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Often times the manipulator will resort to saying this final sentence of "do not misunderstand my intentions." Unfortunately, there is no other way to interpret the things that they want from you.

They have already misunderstood you when it comes to your wants and needs by harassing you for something for their own personal gain.

You have not misunderstood anything at all. You do not owe this person a single thing. Not even the time that you are spending with them at this present moment.

If you are living a life with a person who often manipulates you or others, you may have to address this toxic behavior and then remove yourself from their presence entirely.

There are no compromises, there is no talking it through, there is no coming to an understanding, and if they really want these things from you that badly, they are going to have to go find it from someone else.

Break The Cycle With Awareness

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What Color Is Your Aura Based On This Mood Scale?

Auras are thought of as the unseen field of energy surrounding a person's physical body. The aura color is affected by our mood and emotional state. At times it's also the reflection of the state of others.

While each person holds an original aura color, our aura can change depending on our state of mind. It usually returns to the original color once the person is leveled out. Find out what your aura color is depending on your current emotional state and mood.

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Feeling Creative And Full Of Ideas?

woman holding orange slices to her face in front of orange background

Noah Busher / Unsplash

The orange aura is often behind creativity and sexual energy. When you're listening to music or immersed in your passion, you let the creative energy flow through you.

This childlike, carefree energy prefers to learn from experience than from logic. It encourages spur-of-the-moment risks, spontaneous decisions and makes you feel braver in the moment like you can accomplish anything and won't listen to anyone. The energy stems from your sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen.

Feeling Productive And On The Go?

woman wearing glasses that reflect red neon light

Noah Busher / Unsplash

When you're using your energy to put thoughts into action or while on the go, getting through your checklist, your root chakra is vibrating at the color red. Red in the aura holds fiery energy and is found in those who are hardworking and motivated to reach their big goals.

The red root chakra is located at the base of your spinal column that holds a person's foundations like their manifesting powers and their career. Channeling it to accomplish goals gives them a stable foundation.

Feeling Happy And Confident?

man walking in yellow lit hallway

Mahdis Mousavi / Unsplash

Yellow is the color of joy, light, and brightness. At the moment where your light is shining bright and you're vibrating at a higher frequency, your cheery yellow aura is likely to follow like the sun on a beautiful day. Yellow auras bring charm and charisma and are very attractive. A yellow aura attracts opportunities and people towards you.

While your aura is yellow you're likely to feel confident in your ability and identity and have the best odds to capitalize on these opportunities. The empowering energy stems from the solar plexus chakra not far off the belly button.

Feeling Emotional And Want To Be Around Others?

woman standing in the reflection of green neon lights

Sincerely Media / Unsplash

Green is the color of the matters of the heart. When you're feeling emotional and in tune with your feelings, you tap into your heart chakra. As it opens up you feel deep love and compassion for others. This is the time during which you're most forgiving and empathetic.

Those who have green as their original aura color are the kind of people who thrive in freedom and find it in music and nature. They feel most at home when walking through a forest and are very connected to their environment and those around them. While your aura is green, listen to your intuition as it will be guided by your heart.

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Feeling Distracted And Daydreaming?

woman swimming in blue water  on her back

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When you have one foot in reality and the other in another reality, your aura turns blue while your mind wanders in the clouds. This powerful mind tool is not just a sign of distraction but can reveal a person's ability to think and feel beyond their current reality. It can tap into insightful thoughts and feelings that they would not otherwise be able to reach.

As blue is the color of the throat chakra, it holds power over expression and truth which sometimes cannot be reached in the here and now. Let yourself float outside of your body to gain perspective on what you need to communicate, and how you see yourself and the world.

Do You Have A Strong Feeling About Something?

silhouette of a woman by purple sunrise

Sasha Freemind / Unsplash

Purple auras have the best intuition as they're incredibly sensitive. In fact, purple is the color of the third eye chakra which can see much clearer than the two eyesight. Its vision is guided by intuition and can hold psychic abilities.

Your aura may turn purple when you can't shake off a bad feeling about something or when you have to make a big decision. Your third eye chakra could open up while you're meditating or deep in thought.

Are You Feeling Nervous?

far away person walkig on snow in white backgroundn

Emile Seguin / Unsplash

A white aura is rare and may better reflect a state of being than just a passing mood. It can reveal itself in a certain situation where concentration is required. Those with white auras tend to have nervous energy and a need for perfectionism. That's because they have a clear vision that connects to universal energy and something bigger than themselves.

So, their standard is high. When your aura is white, you feel connected to everyone and everything, in complete openness.

Are You Feeling Tired and Drained?

black and white photo of woman's profile looking down

Jelle van Leest / Unsplash

Unfortunately, a black aura is becoming increasingly common. If the aura is black or even just has dark areas, it's a sign that you're feeling exhausted and need to restore color to your aura.

When you fail to take the time to balance and heal your energy levels, you dim their shine. At that point, you need to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that can balance your energy fields and chakras back up.

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These Signs Are Most Likely To Get Back With An Ex, So Go Ahead, Blame It On The Stars

Usually, when it comes to a breakup most people have two extremes. There are those who hold a grudge and want nothing to do with their ex then there are those who can't help but still think about their ex nonstop whether it's to get revenge or get back together. Few and far in between are those who make peace with the end of the relationship and move on. So which one are you? A lot of how you deal with your break has to do with your zodiac trait tendencies, so let's find out, from most likely to least!

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Cancer: The One Who Can't Let Go

woman looking sad sitting in bed with her elbow on her knees

Darina Belonogova / Pexels

Are we really surprised that this water sign is first on the list? If Cancer's best and worse quality could be summed up in one word it would be "loyalty". They are loyal to a fault. That means that when they finally let someone in they hold on tightly, and often that means that they don't know how to let go.

Cancers also see the best in people, even when they're wronged, their empathetic nature justifies their ex's actions. Sometimes Cancer has to learn the hard way and get hurt too many times before giving up on their person.

Pisces: The Sentimental One

woman sitting in front of wall of poloraids

Hamann La / Pexels

Pisces easily get carried away in nostalgia and memories. This means that once enough time passes by all the memories left of their exes are the good ones, and they choose to get back together, hoping only those good memories will be recreated.

Pisces make the mistake of giving chance after chance, desperately hoping to go back to a time in the relationship where everything was good. They hold on to potential and it keeps them hopeful when they get back together with an ex.

Libras: No Love Wasted

woman hugs man and smiles big

Shvetz Anna / Pexels

When Libra loses a person they loved, they feel like they've also lost their equilibrium and they feel the need to get the balance back. This is a feeling Libras experience in all of their relationship from business ventures to romantic partners. They feel like once they've given someone a level of love, letting it go entirely is a waste.

Libras are often the ones that want to stay friends with exes rather than add them to a black list. Sometimes, this opens the door to transition those friendships back to romances. Libras are willing to give exes that second chance, the only difference is that they also need to first see a change.

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Virgos: Creatures Of Habit

man looking in lit mirror

Lucas Pezeta / Pexels

Are you surprised by this one? You might wonder: "why would the sign that is most reliant on logic, go against their own better judgment and get back together with an ex?" Well, the answer is simple, Virgos are also creatures of habit. They like to feel comfortable knowing that they can predict their lifestyle and routine.

They're practical and economic. A breakup threatens their order and efficiency. When they get the opportunity to restore their routine back such as by getting together with an ex, they take it and pick up right where they left off.

Taurus: In It For The Long Haul

hand holding engagement rings

Tyler Nix / Unsplash

It takes quite a while for a Taurus to finally let their guard down and fall in love. When they go through a breakup, it's hard for them to imagine having to do it all over again with someone new. They start to crave the comfort they once found when they finally allowed themselves to be vulnerable.

A Taurus doesn't just get into relationships spontaneously but when they do they're invested. That means that they're willing to do the work and put in the effort to resurrect a failed relationship with an ex, especially if it means not having to start all over again from scratch.

So How Does Each Zodiac Decide On Getting Back With An Ex?

holding flame from lighter up to poloraid

Yuvraj Singh / Unsplash

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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