Powerful Stories Behind Tattoos With Real Hidden Meanings

It can feel like quite the commitment to get the body engraved. What we chose to put on it is basically stuck with us forever so it's a good idea to make sure that it holds a meaning special enough for us never to regret.

The following people on Reddit have shared heartbreaking and heartwarming stories behind the tattoo on their bodies. Not only are their tattoos reminders of the people they love most, but they hold messages to keep them inspired for the rest of their lives.

The Sound Of His Voice

drewsoulman / Reddit

"For my 18th birthday I got a tattoo of my dad's laugh on my arm, he passed 3 years ago. I have his smile and joy wherever I go now."

Who said that sound can only be heard? The tones of our voices hold soundwaves that can be actually be seen. While it might be impossible to hear the voices of those who passed one more time, as badly as we would want to, it doesn't mean that we can't take the shape of their voice with us wherever we may go.

"One And Only Tattoo"

TwiggyWiggy / Imgur

​"My father passed on valentines day two days before I turned 18, I thought this quote from a prayer said during his funeral was perfect.. he had written a birthday card about 30 minutes before his heart attack and it was signed " love ya, dad" so I had his handwriting put below the quote. Located on my back upper left shoulder"

This may be the hardest message to accept when we lose someone dear to us. Life can't stop simply because they're gone. We need to make the rest of our time count and let them go so that we can continue to live a life that would make them proud.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

map with longitude and latitude drawn out and on arm tattoo

kgoodz / Reddit

"Simple chart my Grandpa drew for me to show where my home is on the surface of the Earth with Longitude and Latitude."

While home is where you make it, there is something really heartwarming in knowing that you will always have one to come back to. Even if the physical one no longer stands, the tattoo will give the illusion that it is everlasting because even when we can't go home, home will always be within us.

The Power Of Solidarity

dad holds his son as they both show scars on their shaved heads

GuacamoleFanatic / Reddit

"Dad tattooed his son's cancer scar on his own head to boost son's self-confidence." Just because we can't help the hardships that life throws at us, doesn't mean that we have to go through them alone.

Solidarity on its own can be healing. Even if it doesn't cure, it gives the strength and the motivation to go through anything.

Love Is Support Through The Lows

tattoo of two elephants holding leaf with their trunk under the rain

Nicanor72 / Imgur

"Tattoo to support my wife's fight with depression." When dealing with something like depression, it's easy to feel like a burden and unlovable. It's hard to put a brave face on everyday even when we don't want to bring down those around us.

That's why this kind of support is so important in showing those fighting with depression that they are still worthy and that they have a support system through both their highs and their lows.

Moms Know Best

sticky note of mom drawing tattoed on ankle

Nextjitterbug13 / Reddit

"My mom passed away a few months ago, yesterday I got my first tattoo" It's never easy to loss a mother. The first person to ever teach us how to love, the only person to ever love us unconditionally and the kind of person who still protected us and went out of their way to cheer us up no matter how old we got.

Moms may leave our world but they're truly never forgotten. This tattoo is a great way to preserve their motherhood.


Grandparents Who Brighten The World And Prove Age Is Just A Number

What in the world have we done to deserve our grandparents? Their years of experience never makes them bitter with the world but somehow just make them radiate kindness the more they age. Grandparents know best and they know that there is no point yelling at a child to prove a point when you can just show them instead.

They lead by example even as their bodies start to fail them. They understand the power of a smile and they will stop at nothing to brighten the world of their loved ones, until their very last breath

Papa's Story Of Love

three note books filled with pages handwritten of "Pap's story"

renblankk / Twitter

​"Today for my birthday, my grandpa gave me 3 books filled with stories of each time he hung out with me from the age of 2 to 5. I am speechless."

Grandparents know how to give the best gifts and they have nothing to do with their monetary value. By that age, they have learned that meaning is found in action, not in material things. Rather than just write a card about how much they love their grandchildren, you can always count on them to show them instead.

It's Love At Every Sight

grandma and grandpa screenshot on facetime screen with emotional grandpa

bogar13 / Reddit

"After not seeing my grandparents for months, they finally figured out how "to work Facetime." This was my grandpa's face when he saw me."

The pandemic was an especially tough time for the grandparents of the world. Considered to be at high risk, many were completely isolated from their loved ones. When the moment came and they were finally able to see their families again, in any form they could, it was like seeing them for the first time all over again.

Not Limited By Space Or Time

grandma on the left smiling and elephant on the right covered in blanket

marcusjsmall / Reddit

"My Nana knitted a blanket for a baby Elephant called Khanyisa in South Africa, it arrived yesterday from the UK after 4 months and she is so happy!"

While some may think that time after retirement is boring, our grandparents prove to us that it can be just as fulfilling. Just because they're no longer consumed in working a daily 9-5 doesn't mean they've lost their touch in making a difference in the world every day, in their special way.

Like Grandson Like Grandfather

grandpa kneels and smiles at toddler who smiles back

criesuncontrollably / Reddit

"Grandpa got a cochlea implant tattoo to become like his Grandson." Grandparents can make the most difference in young children who are still trying to understand the world and experiencing its first hardships.

When a kid is dealt such a difficult card at a young age, they might find the world to be cruel before they even get to know it. Yet, this grandpa's selfless act showed his grandson that with the right support and a big amount of love, even the hardest of situations won't seem that bad.

Not Even Sickness Can Stand In The Way Of Love

Tweet conversation between grandma and grandkid

itsmeloly_ / Twitter

The beauty in love is that it is an overpowering feeling. It's more powerful than sickness or memory so that even when those fail the feeling never goes away.

This is why it's important to put in the effort to spend as much time indulging in that feeling so that when the day comes and our grandparents' time is up, we also can be left with the memory of the feelings they left in us.

Kindness That Knows No Bounds

andthenhestabbedme / Reddit

"My cat ripped open his favorite toy. This is my grandma sewing it back together."

Grandparents have so much love to give that their kindness doesn't just extend to their loved ones. They make the world a better place by taking care of all its beings, whether a stranger or an animal. Their generosity should set the example. If we all acted like our grandparents do, the world truly could be a better place.

Skills Don't Expire

marsarose / Reddit

"My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house, and the turtles love It." Grandparents shouldn't be looked at as fragile beings who need constant help.

Rather they should be seen as beings with endless skills and wisdom, accumulated from years and years of experience and practice. There's nothing they can't do, not even build a dock for turtles at the lake.


Being The Mistreated Daughter Of A Maid And Losing Her Own Child, Made Her The World’s Richest Woman

Today we are shining the spotlight on a woman who deserves praise. Her blessings were never handed to her, nor did they come easy. The accomplished actress and media queen has defied all kinds of odds and has single handedly taken down every barrier put in her path. She suffered and she struggled from tragedy to tragedy from the second that she was born.

Yet she didn't let her tragic story define her. She did everything in her power to turn her life around. Little did she know, the mistreated child would then become the world's richest woman.

Born To A Teenage Housemaid

housekeeper tidies up pillows with gloves on

Cotton Bro / Unsplash

The woman of the hour was born January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi to young parents. Her mother was still not even a fully grown adult, giving birth at the tender age of 18 while her father was also just discovering the harsh reality of the world at age 20.

Her mother worked as a teenage maid, trying to provide for herself. Both parents were not in a relationship together, so the baby was sent to live with her grandmother while the mother went to work.

Her Grandmother Disclipned Her In The Harshest Ways

old woman walking street with cane

David Monje / Unsplash

The grandmother went by the name Hattie Mae and she was known to be strict. Maybe it was an attempt to protect the now growing baby, as to shield her from the same outcome that her mother endured. Growing up as a girl in rural Mississippi, she was to taught to read by her grandmother and brought to church

It didn't take long for her community to notice her remarkable intelligence as she read passages aloud. Even in school, she was asked to skip Kindergarten and quickly moved to first grade. This wouldn't' be the only grade she skips as she surpasses her peers.

It Still Wasn't Enough

potato sack pile

Thomas Thompson / Unsplash

Yet, despite her early success, he grandmother would sill beat her with a cane for the smallest mistakes. The poor girl's life felt like hell both at home and at school.

Because of how poor she was, her peers also made her life difficult by making fun of her cheap clothes, often made from potato sacks and named her "Slack girl." She couldn't catch a break and didn't know how to escape.

Her Mother Put Her Sister Up For Adoption For Being Too Poor

"Help" sign in shopping cart

Mart Productions / Unsplash

Although she is rich now, the girl's mother was so poor that she put one of her daughters up for adoption. The now TV host didn't even know she had a half sister till decades later.

Instead, she continued to live with her grandma who was progressively getting sicker. Eventually, the seven year old had to move back in with her mother.This would be a difficult time where she was neglected and mistreated by her own family so she acted out.

She Ran Away At 13

young woman walking in fall leaves with a hoodie on

Dmitry Schemele / Unsplash

Eventually, the young girl turned 13 and learned that she was pregnant so she ran away from home to live with her father. She was at her most vulnerable and felt unwelcome by her own mother at home. Her mother had tried to send her to a dentition center but even they didn't have room for her and didn't take her.

Her dad would be her first glimmer hope and the first hand in turning her life around.

But The Baby Died

silhouette of a young pregnant woman

Mustafa Omar / Unsplash

The young girl was so ashamed of her pregnancy that she refused to tell anyone about it. She didn't even tell her father about it till she was seven months pregnant.

That same day, she went into labour and give birth to a very premature baby boy. Due to the complications that come with such a pregnancy, the baby died in the hospital a few weeks later. This would be the turning event in this woman's life. This was the moment that she went from being a nobody to a name that we all now recognize.

Her Name Became Known In Every Household As Oprah Winfrey

Young Oprah images from the 90s

Ron Davis/ Getty | Afro Newspaper/Gado / Getty

Upon hearing of her story, tabloids bought it for thousands of dollars. Oprah gained confidence and she felt like she finally could take control over her own narrative. She started joining beauty pageants that brought her to television at a still young age. Oprah found a love for TV hosting and went on to become the first African American female news anchor in Nashville. She even left left Tennessee State University to take the job at just 19 years old.

Oprah's ratings quickly surpassed the then show legend Phil Donahue viewer numbers,. The ratings were so impressive that in 1985 the network decided to rename the show: "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

From Tragedy Came Success

Oprah givig speech on stages by forest backdrop

Tom Cooper / Getty

Oprah Winfrey is now a billionaire who came from humble beginnings. Her early life was full of tragedy but it taught her the lessons and gave her the skills to be the incredibly successful woman that she is today.

Oprah Winfrey wasn't a one time hit. She has transitioned her hit talk show, which ran for 25 years, into a media and business empire. Then, she continued to be an inspiration for women everywhere through the 'Oprah effect' a weight watchers program that has helped many. She is truly an inspiration.

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Oprah and Jennifer Lopez speak onstage during 'Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour' presented by WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) at The Forum on February 29, 2020 i

Emma McIntyre / Getty

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94-year-old Woman Finally Tries On Dream Wedding Dress That Was Once Forbidden

There was a time, not that long ago when women of color were not allowed in clothing shops. For one woman in particular this meant that even on her wedding day, she couldn't go shopping for her dream wedding dress.

It wasn't until she was 94 years old, that she was able to rewrite her history.

Wedding Dresses Are A Staple

wedding gowns hung up on rack

Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

How many young girls dream of their wedding dress long before even meeting their husbands? The answer is many. The wedding dress is a staple in the dream wedding fantasy. It's meant to make the bride feel the most beautiful she has ever felt, as she transitions into a new chapter of her life.

It's symbolic of her coming of age, as she leaves her innocent childhood behind and starts her own family. Yet not all women get the opportunity to wear one.

Meet Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker

Martha screaming "I'm getting Married" at bridal store

peeweeherman / Twitter

​This is Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of a fairytale wedding in which she could feel beautiful in a big white dress.

She married back in 1952, except all her wedding dreams were shattered. At the time Black women weren't allowed to shop inside bridal shops.

A Forbidden Act

As a Black woman in Alabama at the time, Martha had to accept the hard truth. Looking back she explains: "I've always wanted a wedding dress but I couldn't have one" Not only was she not able to have it, but it was completely forbidden for her to even try on the dress she had imagined: an embroidered white gown with a lace overlay and long sleeves.

Her grandaughters explained to the Washington Post in an interview: "she wasn't even thinking about buying a wedding dress because she knew she couldn't go in the store."

She Had A Small Ceremony Instead

bride and groom chair on lawn by water

Gabriella Clare / Unsplash

Martha ended up settling for a small wedding ceremony in her pastor's living room. She didn't even have a wedding dress. Even till this day, she had a hard time talking about the memory as she explains: : "I've always have been sad about it because I felt like I should have been able to wear it if I wanted to."

Fast forward to the present day and Martha has raised a whole family who loves her. So, granddaughters decided to take matters into their own hands.

They Surprised Her With A Fitting

Martha holding granddaughter's hand in bridal gown

peeweeherman / Twitter

One day while watching the 1988 film "Coming to America" with her granddaughter, Martha told her "I've always wanted to wear a wedding dress. I've been wanting to do that for a long time, ever since I got married."

So her granddaughter Angela Strozer decided that her grandma deserved to live out her dream, even if it was belated. So she booked a fitting a David's bridal and invited the whole family. They all surprised her with the fitting of her dreams!

"A Dream Differed Is Not A Dream Denied"

"Happily ever after" sign

Ben Rosett / Unsplash

Martha's story is a reminder that dreams have no deadlines. just because they haven't happened yet, doesn't mean they never will. Martha may not have had her dream wedding in 1952 but instead, her path blessed her with a wonderful family who would later honor her dream when the time was right.

Speaking on the experience, her granddaughter said in an interview: "I just wanted to do this for her, I wanted her to understand that a dream deferred didn't have to be a dream denied."

Dreams Really Do Come True At All Ages

Martha smiling in wedding gown and wearing mask

peeweeherman / Twitter

It didn't take long in the appointment before Martha found a dress that matched exactly the description of the one she always had envisioned for herself. She excitedly told her family "That dress has my name on it, my dream had come true,"

As soon as she had it on there wasn't a dry face in the room. Her smile was shining and it touched the heart of everyone sharing the moment with her. It turns out you're never too old to have your dreams come true!

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Meet The Mom Who Pushed Through The Odds and Graduated From High School With 2-Year-Old

There is a reason MTV was able to capitalize on teen pregnancies in America. They happen frequently enough and usually, it means that the young mother has to drop out of high school to take care of her baby. However, not all mothers are willing to give up their education, especially when their goal is to make a better life for the life they have created.

This was the case for Odalis Contreras, a seventeen-year-old who had big life plans that didn't yet include having a child. Yet, when it happened anyway, she was determined to raise her child while still completing her education, both for her own good and his. Here's how she did it.

She Was Just 18 Years Old

Odalis holds her new born baby

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Odalis Contreras was only 18 when she found that she was pregnant. She was still just a sophomore in high school in Arizona.

At the time, Odali's worst fear was becoming just another statistic. She really valued her education and was afraid that she would have to drop out of school just like many of the teen moms who are not able able to complete their education. She was afraid that this would then affect her son's ability to access his own education down the line.

Teen Pregnancy Drop Out Rates Are High

Angel baby lays down on bed sheet and looks at the camera

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Teen pregnancy has been found to significantly take a toll on the rate of high school dropouts. In fact, a report by Child Trends found that teen mothers have a lower rate of obtaining high school diplomas than teens who didn't go through pregnancy so young.

Much to Odali's fears, the report showed that only 53% of women in their 20s who were teen moms received a traditional high school degree.

Odalis Needed Education To Support Her Kid

Odalis poses at the zoo and smiles

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

In an interview with Good Morning America, Odalis highlighted how much she valued education by explaining: "education is the most important to me because it has a higher chance of taking me out of poverty than anything else."

It wasn't just herself that she worried about, she now had another little human whose entire future she was worried about. Speaking about her son Angel she said: "If I didn't finish high school or if I don't start college and finish it then I feel like he's going to follow down that path."

The Pregnancy Caused Her To Fall Behind

Odalis smiles at the beach by the sunset

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Odalis knew she would have to work twice or three times as hard as her classmates because not only did she have a baby to take care of every second that she wasn't studying, but the birth caused her to miss a whole month of school and fall behind.

In fact, Angel was born prematurely on Jan. 4, 2019. So to catch up, Odalis had to transfer to an online school that allowed her to be a full-time student on her own schedule while also taking care of her son.

She Tried To Juggle Parenthood And Education

odalis holds her son and smiles for picture

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

The online school allowed Odalis to make her own schedule, but juggling it still wasn't easy. Angel wasn't sleeping all through the night and needed constant attention all through the day. She never had a second to rest.

"I didn't sleep for the first four months. It was hard," explains Odalis in an interview "it was mentally draining at points because I didn't know if it was going to be worth it at the end." There were times when she just wanted to give up.

She Used Her Son As Motivation

Odalis carrying her son by a staircase

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Even at her lowest moments, Odalis' vision was clear. She was able to see the big picture and she was determined to provide a good life for her family.

Odalis had the option to postpone her graduation time but she was adamant about graduating on time. She wanted to finish at the same time as all her classmates rather than delay the start of her, and her son's future.

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Her Own Mother Supported Her

Odali's mother holding Angel

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Thankfully, Odalis didn't have to go through this journey completely on her own. While trying to be the best mother that she could be, she was blessed to have a supportive mother of her own.

"My mom took 6 months off work to help me take care of Angel. It was hard for her but she loves him so much. She would do anything for him." Yet even with her mom's help, Odalis often felt like by putting school first that she was abandoning her son in a way...

Then She Beat All Odds

Odalis took it day by day, with the hope that the end would eventually come. Then in May of this year, it was finally time to walk across the stage, in her graduation gown. Except she didn't walk alone, she took Angel up with her

"He deserves it too," she explained. Many were emotional as they watched her walk down knowing what she had to go through to make it to this moment.

She Has Some Wise Advice For The Rest Of Us

Odalis kneels at the beach to give her son a kiss

odalis_contreras14 / Instagram

Odalis' journey doesn't stop here. She continues to dream big as she has proven to herself and her son that with the right mentality and hard work, anything is possible. Next, she will be attending community college and is weighing options for a career in real estate or as a newborn intensive care unit nurse, as Angel was once in the NICU himself.

"That's in my heart," she explains. "That's something I want to do with my heart." As for everyone else, after everything she went through for the past year she advises: "keep going. Whatever you're doing, you're doing to better yourself." If she can beat the odds, then so can you!

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