Worrying Is A Waste Of Time

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Feel Required To Justify Yourself

In the back of every person's mind, a subconscious substrate of all thought and emotion is mixing around, either clear and functional, or tangled up and suppressed.

In other words, all the things that happen to us throughout the day and the way we are treated by everyone, it builds up in the back of the mind and really has a profound effect on us.

Sometimes it's even a delayed reaction. You might be the more kind and giving person in a relationship of friendship, and when that isn't reciprocated, it could leave a genuine, long-lasting feeling of being taken advantage of: that type of thing really builds up.

This article should help explain why you have every right to do whatever you want in life, even if your friends and family initially don't respect your right to choose your own path.

1. It doesn't matter who is "right," it's your life

There is a such thing as objective morality, but when it comes to your life path and decisions you make, you're the only person who is correct: it's your choice.

When someone tries to coerce you into following a path that your gut and your intuition does not feel, that's just what the situation is: coercion.

Make no mistake, someone can be as polite and kind as they want, but they're still trying to coerce you to some extent if they're trying to insist you take a path in life you don't want to, like working toward a college degree for years.

In life, it's objectively necessary that we work as hard as we can to earn these paper notes we use to buy food.

It's certainly true that taking the path of going against the "grain" of the system and rejecting school may be difficult for some, but some of us are simply not destined for the mainstream path at all.

People who go their own way deserve the respect and support of their family and friends, not persistent, pushy and disrespectful attempts to persuade them to go on a different path.

Some people have no concept of what respect truly is, and if they follow mainstream culture, they may have no self respect either.

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2. You don't necessarily owe anyone anything

When people try to act like you owe them something, or get you in this position where you're subservient to them in subtle ways, that's really not right.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with co-dependency and intimate closeness in whatever kind of relationship you would like, but when people try to treat you like this without offering anything in return, there's a problem.

Why do people even care what you do in life? When people are told to mind their own business and respect your right to live however you want, it's healthy.

It makes you feel free and strong as you should be, cleansing you of the repressed feelings you may be afflicted with from growing up in public school and in the system.

3. Is everybody right about everything?

Everybody who tries to tell you what to do, what do they really know? What do they know that you don't?

Absolutely nothing most of the time: depending on those who you surround yourself with and where you grew up, there may be all kinds of people around you trying to tell you how to live your life.

It's no exaggeration to say it's psychologically damaging, hindering to one's self-esteem and free expression, the free flow of all thought and inspiration, to be constantly told what to do and how to live life.

4. Pointless authority crushes free expression

What's that feeling you get, when in the back of your mind you feel hesitation about doing something because of some authority?

You might not even be breaking any laws or rules, but a feeling of hesitation, clutter is present in your subconscious, just about something you want to do that you should have every right to do.

What is that? It's the consequence of excessive authority, a culture of stringent regulation, and this psychologically damaging culture of regulation may be designed to do just that.

Free expression is severely hindered by authority and unnecessary regulation, and the consequences seem to far outweigh any potential chaos caused by a lack of regulation.

To solve this problem, that tangled subconscious, the feeling of hesitation you shouldn't even have, you might have to break out of it and make a point to never hesitate.

Never fail to assert yourself, never fail to do what you want with morality and respect with you, and that cluttered feeling should start to heal.

5. Communication is a product of respect

It's certainly true that a healthy level of communication and explaining your reasoning for doing things in life is conducive to a good friendship, and a really healthy relationship.

However, are you really obligated to explain your reasoning for everything? No matter what kind of pressure the people you know place upon you to do things a certain way, you are your own person.

As a general rule, maybe the amount you communicate your reasoning to people should be based on their level of respect for you. Why even explain what you're doing in life if people are going to disrespect you?

Or you could take the route of explaining anyway, because that's what you want to do, regardless of their reaction. In any case, doing whatever you want in life with consideration to your own morality is a freeing, cleansing thing.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things in life these days that seem specifically designed to hinder the free expression of the human spirit.

Asserting the will to live however you want doesn't have to be any extreme, hedonistic thing, or anything that conflicts with respect and consideration for the ones you love: it's about their respect for you.

You deserve respect and the ability to live life how you want, and if the people around you love you, depending on the circumstances they should appreciate what makes you happy.

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Nothing Is Permanent

5 Ways To Never Let Anything Get To You

Have you ever been shocked at the sight of somebody you know, becoming seriously distraught over something you feel they probably shouldn't even have to worry about?

Just about everybody experiences this problem.

Even people with stone-solid composure have to undergo some kind of internal cleanse, to purify themselves of anxiety, hesitation, fear, and things of that nature.

Some individuals have it easier than others, but there are a few unspoken mental exercises or things that people do to keep themselves worry-free.

Here are 5 ways you can avoid ever letting things get to you in life.

1. Comprehend what it is you're overcoming

First you might want to ask yourself, what is it you're even trying to overcome? Is it an anxiety feeling in the pit of your stomach when you go out and socialize for no reason other than that you're talking to other people?

What's the root of that anxiety, is it concern over how others will perceive you, or is it something that doesn't even make sense?

Even people who truly don't fear how others perceive them experience social anxiety, often for no apparent reason. If one looks deep within themselves, they may actually be relieved to realize there's almost no reason for that anxiety.

Thinking through what is even making you anxious in the first place should help establish a foundation of clarity, an untangled subconscious.

Out from that untangled subconscious, you can take a deep breathe and now get into the stage of anxiety-relief where you really let it go, breathe it out of you and let it go.

Or, persevere through, and make a point to do whatever you were trying to do, even with that anxiety.

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2. Once you've thought it through, leave it alone

A balance must be struck with just how much an individual is trying to delve into their emotions, reasoning through why they have them, going through it like that.

Sometimes, an excess of analytical thought about one's own emotions can make it worse.

It's all about balance. If you're already conscious of something and it feels in your own intuition, negative for you to focus more on it, you're probably telling yourself to let it go.

Once you've thought through something uncomfortable, sort of a negative thought maybe that persists in your life but it should already be resolved and there's little more to get through, there may be nothing left to do but just stop thinking about it.

3. Face things head on, cleanse yourself of hesitation constantly

Possibly the most important thing anybody can do when trying to achieve a clear, relaxed and anxiety-free mental state is to constantly exercise facing things head on in life.

When you cleanse yourself of hesitation, and practice fearlessly doing whatever you want to do in life within the bounds of sense and your personal idea of safety of course, it really adds up.

It may take months, or years of adopting this attitude, where you never avoid conflict or run away but simply face it head on, where you never hesitate to do something you wanted to do just because it might give you some anxiety or make you feel a certain way.

However, the end result will be a free, strong and clear state of mind: an untangled subconscious, because people really do get this emotionally tangled, repressed feeling from hesitation, not doing what they wanted to do because of something like anxiety, or a concern over how others will perceive them.

4. Choose to do things anyway

In the same spirit of resilience as the last item on the list, you must choose to do things anyway in life if you want to be free of anxiety.

There are no exceptions: every single thing you hesitate to do in life, every single time where you fear something but internally you really know there is no danger, you have to do it anyway.

There's a difference between your own gut intuition telling you something is a bad idea, warning you of some genuine danger, and your anxiety causing you to hesitate.

The difference is, if it's just your anxiety you'll also know in the back of your mind that you still want to do it.

It leaves a horrible, even psychologically damaging impact on people when they fail to do what they want in life, due to things like fear, anxiety, or pressure from other people.

It depends completely on what the situation is, but make no mistake: repression is harmful to the core.

When you choose to do what you want in life regardless of what anybody thinks of you, regardless of the swirling mix of possibilities that could happen, you could find internal strength that could cleanse you of other emotions and obstacles you didn't even know you had.

5. Don't try too hard or force positivity on a situation

A lot of people trying to be okay no matter what make this mistake: they try too hard to be extra positive, cheerful, or optimistic. Doing this the wrong way, for some reason seems to always be a recipe for disaster in life.

Calm, a balance between the positive and less positive attitudes is something that seems to attract a better outcome than trying too hard to be positive. Why?

Well, one reason is, life doesn't simply make things better if you try to be nothing but positive.

Being positive is a very necessary thing, but when people try to erase problems they actually have to face head on, with a positive attitude, it's like they're trying to escape the situation they must feel and learn through.

When lessons are avoided with a supposed positive attitude, or not even existent danger is avoided and people begin to hide behind the curtain of a forced cheerful attitude, well that just defeats the purpose of that attitude in the first place.

Ask yourself: is your positive attitude real, or not? It's possible to have that great attitude, and be honest with yourself, clear, and willing to face anything in life at the same time.

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